Yes I have been MIA. The last time I wrote an entry here was last August. I am so sorry. I was hoping to get this blog started and talk about my goals with writing but I wasn’t motivated. I ended up being busier than I thought I would be. Writing wasn’t as easy as I thought and finding the time to myself without being interrupted was impossible. Now I am making it a point to push on and do this blog. Why? I have changed my game play here and I have added digital downloads and continuing with my print on demand.

All has not been lost. I have added more books to KDP and have almost 150. Yes its been slow. But I have had sales and have even done 2 e-books, hoping to do more. The world has been a bit hectic lately with this Covid-19 virus and its been scary. A few places I make money on have shut down. So now i am scrambling to find replacements. I have been uploading to TeePublic and RedBubble like crazy. Seems those have held strong through the shut downs. Also I have stuff listed on Etsy and Ebay but the sales are not there.

I have also gotten interested in junk journaling. Which I will post some of my creations and hauls. Also some how tos. I will try to upload maybe a few times a week or more. Now I have the time. And I need to keep busy. My family here in New York have been lucky and have not gotten the virus yet. But that does’t mean I dont worry. I am actually very scared. Every cough we have is disheartening. The news has been sad. But we are New Yorkers and we are Americans and we will get through this. Have faith.



Yes I am an author! It has been a bit slow with eBay and my other reselling platforms and so I have had a little time to check out all this “No Content Low Content Book Stuff” and I was able to finally make a few books and in less than a week sold 2 of them! I am very excited and hope to get some more up as soon has a figure out this little snag I hit with some of the interiors and making my own covers.

As far as other things I am praying someone very dear to me can gather the strength to carry on and get back into doing life. I miss this person immensely and I know they will be okay. I have faith in them. It’s been a bit tough what has been dealt to them but they are strong and I am sending good vibes. So if you are reading this send some too. Thanks.

What is in store the rest of the week? Listing and getting some more books made. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week. We finally made it over the hump so to speak lol.

Been A While Since We Last Spoke…

Where have I been?

I feel so bad neglecting this site like I have. I actually forgot I had it. A lot has happened since last I was here. I have added a few new platforms to sell from. And I had a few relationships start, end and go nowhere. Which now leaves me time to work on me!

I have always done well with vintage jewelry. But I am now spreading out into different areas and trying out vintage postcards and ephemera. Loving the speed at which to list these items and the stories some of these postcards have.

So that is what I have been doing. Tomorrow I will share some of the postcards and stories that go with them. See you tomorrow.



I ordered these two books from a used book store online. Combined they only came to just over $10. I know these won’t be the only two books I will be getting, but they are a great start to researching vintage jewelry. Both have there pros and cons. But combined I am quite happy with the results.

Are there any more suggestions anyone else might have? Leave your comment below. We are all here to learn.

Been busy researching and listing in my Etsy shop. Any newer pieces I am listing on Mercari and Poshmark. I am still trying to come up with an order to all of this. Do I research everything first, do I take pictures first, price everything first? I am find that I take a few pictures of about 3 items, then edit the photos then list them a draft then do my research. That way if I get interrupted I at least have everything saved. Love being able to do that on Etsy.



This is one of my favorite pieces. I love hearts. It’s from the early 1990s. Nothing grand but still I really love it. I am trying really hard not to keep any of the pieces I get because I have so little room to keep anymore lol.

I hope everyone has a great day! The weather is getting nicer and soon we will be flooded with estate and garage sales to go to. I can’t wait!


What Is It?


I forget where I picked this up but it wasn’t recent. I thought maybe it was a locket. But there are no hinges to keep it closed. There is a three dimensional deer head underneath the glass. It might be some kind of metal. Hard to tell under the glass. We think the “locket” itself is made of brass. Maybe someone might have a clue. I must say it is an interesting piece. I am thinking made around the 50s, maybe 40s but not sure.

A Fake?

I consider myself still new to reselling. I know I will make mistakes. But I will come away learning something from each one I make.

I purchased a used Tokidoki Hello Kitty makeup case.


Cute right? I didn’t know too much about Tokidoki before I bought it. I believe it was real because that is what I was told by the seller. I then found out it’s fake. Ugh…


See where it says “riri”? That means it’s real. This is under the zipper on the inside of the bag. Mine was blank. So lesson learned. Always do your homework on what you plan on buying. I rushed into it thinking I was going to make a buck. I don’t feel too bad because I am sure I am not the first to make this mistake. Now I know 🙂

Why I Started ….

Why did I start in the reseller business? I think everyone who is a reseller has their own story. Mine isn’t any different or unique from other peoples.

Some things in my personal life changed, some drastically, some I had no control over. Some for the worse, which afterwards became the best thing that has happened to me. ( besides having my children )

Starting over again from scratch really was hard at first. I tried getting a regular job after I moved back to my hometown. Some places weren’t hiring. Others I had to apply online. Some I couldn’t even finish the application because I was missing information. I was missing work experience. Not experience, that I had. But they wanted 5 or more years of continued work experience. I just didn’t have it.

I then decided to start making designs for PODs and that was going good. Then they changed the commission and a few other things. I still get a monthly check from 2 of them which is great because I have some to spend and some to put in the bank.

My brother had a lot of success with vintage cameras and selling them online on ebay. Plus he liked working with the cameras. I also love anything vintage. After having a few problems with paypal and ebay he wasn’t able to sell anymore. So we took what we had to the local fleamarket and he did really good there too. This year we wont be going as much because the rates there went up.

After researching other sites and finding three that I know I could sell on, we are starting up again. I have a shop on Etsy, Mercari and Poshmark. I have already sold a few things on Mercari and will be listing more stuff on Etsy and Poshmark I will be in charge of listing, social media, photos, and my brother just his expertise on the cameras and shipping.

I am finding it easier for now to buy on ebay then turn around and sell it in my other shops. It just takes some time and a lot of research. I have joined some nice reselling groups on facebook and even joined Periscope making some friends along the way. ( I have yet to get in front of the camera myself or even do a Periscope.

I also decided to start this blog so I could share my journey with others, hopefully helping some, getting my name out there, and have something to do on my downtime. So please excuse any ramblings, misspellings, or mistakes…we will be learning as we go.